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Hi All! So here’s a little about me.. I’m your average 26 year old aussie taking life day by day and hoping at the end of the road it all makes a little sense. Born on the Gold Coast and raised in outback NSW in the country music capital of Tamworth, I then moved to the beautiful Sunshine Coast with my parents and little brother spending my teenage years growing up on the beach. After obtaining my honours degree in environmental microbiology I worked for two years in the lab and decided to travel to Canada… I ended up living there for three years in both Victoria and Toronto. Once I finally made it back home, I worked in Brisbane for 6 months until I saved the money to make the bold move to Melbourne… The best city in Australia (#sorrynotsorrysydney)!

Upon coming home I could not find a job even close to my field of study, I’m sure many of you can relate! After working for over a year in a job I didn’t enjoy, the company finally promoted me into a position in my field. I am now happily working in cancer clinical trials research, enjoying the good life in Melbourne and traveling at every opportunity I can. I’m hoping to inspire people to travel and to show everyone that you don’t have to choose between travel or a career. Yes… You CAN do both!

I hope you enjoy this blog of my travels, hardships and lessons, and what is yet to come.

xxx Amberlee Jane

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