The Best of Kangaroo Island

Roughly 150km long and 60km wide this island off the coast of Adelaide is a paradise for those that love nature and the outdoors. To get there you can either take the 45 minute ferry from Cape Jarvis about 2 hours south of Adelaide or you can fly directly to the island. We drove my car from Melbourne so we took it across on the ferry with us but I’m sure there are car rental options on the island too. Unless you’re on a tour you WILL need a car!

The entire island is absolutely stunning and there are beaches, hiking trails and wildlife galore. With so much to see and do on this island you could easily spend a whole week here but I would suggest at least a minimum of three nights.  Without further ado here is my list of the best of Kangaroo island.

American River

Our first stop on Kangaroo island after driving off the ferry! You can kayak up the river with your eyes peeled for the dolphins that live in the area but believe it or not this isn’t the main attraction. The main attraction lies in the The Oyster Farm Shop which is somewhere you absolutely MUST go if you enjoy seafood. Even if you don’t… this is probably your best chance of ever being converted into a seafood lover.

yazmins oyster shop pic

Seal Bay

As the name suggests this bay is actually a breeding ground for Australian sea lions. You can get up close and personal to these wild sea lions however, to access the beach and walk down to them you must be accompanied by an experienced tour guide (times and prices at Seal Bay Tours). I cannot speak highly enough of the tours as not only was it an amazing experience but your money also goes back into the conservation of these incredible animals.

Seal Bay is also a great spot to stay as it lies almost halfway across the island. We actually stayed here so from experience I can say that day trips to either side of the island were  super easy from this location.

Remarkable Rocks

This is probably the one you’ve seen in all the photos! Towards the western end of the island these granite rock formations were naturally formed over time by the elements. We got here at 9am and by some miracle had the whole place to ourselves for almost an hour before the tour busses came. With incredible views over the water this is something you have to see.

Admirals Arch

Quite literally an arch formed by the weathering of the rocks. You can see even more seal species here (from a distance) but instead of sea lions you will also find a mix of Australian and New Zealand fur seals. You can also take a tour of the lighthouse and some of the old heritage houses in the area.

Hiking through Flinders Chase

While remarkable rocks and admirals arch are already apart of Flinders Chase National Park, I also recommend doing one of the other hikes as well. You can get a ton of information from the visitors centre at the entry to the park and choose what works for you. The hikes vary in length and intensity and can range from under an hour to camping overnight. We did the platypus hike to the coastline along the mountainside which was amazing however, I didn’t do the others so I can’t really make comparisons. You will have to make your own mind up and let me know how it goes!

playtpus walk in flinders chase
Platypus Walk through Flinders Chase National Park

Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

With the help of our cattle dog tour guide, we walked through a forest of eucalyptus trees spotting koalas before heading over to meet the resident echidna of the property. He wasn’t at all afraid of people and would even push us out of his way if we were standing between him and his food (aka ants).

This is a great place to see a few more of those iconic Aussie animals you’ve heard so much about. Or, if you’re as lucky as us, you might even get rare footage of a drop bear attacking its prey.

Stokes Bay

There are amazing beaches everywhere however, the most impressive beach of all was Stokes Bay. You have to walk through a cave to get to the stretch of secluded beach and while it can be a little tight for those with claustrophobia I promise it is well worth it. We watched the sunset on the beach but if you plan on doing that too just make sure you get back through the cave before dark / high tide because that won’t be a very fun experience.

cave beach sunsetCave beach

Explore the farms and food

On the eastern side of the island you will find a variety of farms to explore. The ones we went to were:

  • Island Beehive- Sample different types of local honey and take a look at all the various honey products on offer including skin care ranges. Oh, and did I mention the best honeycomb ice cream EVER!?!
  • Emu Bay Lavender Farm – Lavender… Obviously, but lots of it and so many different varieties. Absolutely stunning to walk through.
  • Island Pure Sheep Dairy – Different sheep milk products including yogurts and cheeses. There are also options for taste testing and tours offered to learn how it is all produced. And who doesn’t love cheese ❤

Unless we just got lucky and happened to see all the best places (which is definitely a possibility) I’m sure you will find plenty of gems like these scattered around the island.

Caves and Sand Dunes

The two things I didn’t have time to do! 😦 Little Sahara looks great but Kelly Hills Caves is something I’m genuinely really disappointed I missed. If anyone has been to either of these I would love to hear about your experience and if it was worth doing.

Regardless, I hope this post and my montage of photos has inspired you to plan a trip to Kangaroo island or at least to add it to your list. If you have questions or anything else to add please comment below. Would be great to hear from you!


Amberlee Jane xx

4 thoughts on “The Best of Kangaroo Island

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  1. Hi Amberlee Jane, your pictures are fantastic and brought back wonderful memories of KI. We’ve been twice, once pre kids and again with them and loved it both times. Spent five days there both times which gave us plenty of time to really explore the island. Little Sahara was so much fun and definitely worth sliding down the dunes (mind you we had sand in every crevice but it was soooo much fun!) and Kelly Hill Caves was simply spectacular. Thanks for reigniting fond memories. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Miriam! I think I might have to go back. I really, really want to see Kelly Hill Caves! Glad to hear you liked the post. The island would be such a good family holiday and I’m sure your kids had a blast on the sand dunes haha we used to do that as kids whenever we would go to fraser island. Such great memories.

      Liked by 1 person

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